View Item Stock Log

In an item's stock log, you can view the current stock level of the item and all stock events such as when items were added to stock, used in consultations, removed from stock etc. 

To view an item's stock log, go to Inventory > Stock or Catalog > Items and find the item you want to view. Then select the graph button on the row.


You can use the filters to view entries from a specific timeframe and view the stock values as packages or units. If stock locations are used in your Provet Cloud, you can view the entries of a specific stock location.

From Columns, you can select the columns to show in the list. To save your selected filters and columns so that the same selections are applied the next time you view the stock log of any item, select the wrench tool button > Save filters.

Show batches opens another dialogue where you can view the item batches and add item quantity to an existing batch.

To export the stock log to an Excel file, select XLS export.

From Add entry, you can add new item quantity to stock, remove item quantity from stock, move quantity between stock locations, and do an inventory check.

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