Use a Treatment Estimate on a Consultation

Treatment estimates can be used to communicate treatment costs to animal owners before beginning procedures or when additional treatments are needed over a more extended hospital stay. Treatment estimates can be easily changed into actual invoice items.

When a consultation has a treatment estimate linked to it, the estimate is shown on the consultation page under General info and in the sidebar.

  1. To use a treatment estimate, select the estimate link on the consultation page.
  2. In the Copy estimate items dialogue, select the items you want to copy to the consultation. If necessary, you can adjust the item quantities and prices. You can edit the prices directly in the Price field or use a percentage in the Percentage change field (for example, enter -50 for a 50% price reduction).
  3. When ready, select Copy. The copied items are added on the consultation page under Treatment items and will be included on the invoice.

Depending on the department settings, the percentual use of the estimate and a warning when less than the defined percentage limit is left of the estimate sum may be shown in the sidebar.

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