Set Fixed Pricing for an Item Bundle

You can define a fixed price for an item bundle instead of the calculated total sum of the items included. The fixed price is always invoiced regardless of whether the calculated total of the items is greater or smaller than the fixed price amount. See how fixed pricing works with planned items.

  1. Go to Catalog > Bundles and select the pen button to open the bundle you want to edit.
  2. In the Settings section, select Edit.
  3. In the bundle settings, select the Set fixed price for the bundle checkbox.
  4. In the Fixed price field, add the fixed price used for the bundle.
  5. In the Fixed price item field, select the item used for handling the price difference between the fixed bundle price and sum of the item prices included in the bundle. See how to create the fixed price item.
  6. Select Save.

Create a Fixed Price Item

It is recommended that you create a unique item to be used as the fixed price item in bundles. Using this option, the items included in the bundle are often 100% discounted so that the full bundle price goes to the fixed price item. This shows the pricing nicely on the invoice.

  1. Go to Catalog > Items.
  2. Select Add item.
  3. Add a descriptive Name for the item, e.g. 'Bundle fixed price'.
  4. On the Stock and pricing tab, select a VAT group for the item. This VAT rate will be used for calculating the negative VAT for the price difference amount (see image below).  
  5. Select Save.


You can also use one of the actual bundle items as the fixed price item. However, it is not recommended that you add the item both in the bundle and as the fixed price item as this will make the item appear twice in the bundle printout. If you want to use a bundle item also as the fixed price item, do not add it to the bundle items but only select it as the fixed price item. Note that the fixed price item is then always included and its quantity cannot be changed. Also, the price shown on the invoice for the item used as the fixed price item will vary depending on the bundle set up and use. For example, it may have a negative or a greater price than normal.

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