Use Item Bundles on a Consultation

Note that item bundles cannot be used on counter sale invoices.

  1. On the consultation page, select the Bundles button in the Treatment items section to open a list of available item bundles. If the 'Show bundles in search results' setting is enabled in the department settings, you can also search for bundles using the treatment item search field on the consultation page.
  2. Select a bundle you want to use. The Add treatment items to consultation dialogue opens. 
  3. When you have more that one patient in the consultation, you can select the patients you want to add items for.
  4. Select the items you want to use. If the bundle contains items that cannot be used for the species of the patient, these items are listed but cannot be used.
    • In a multi-patient consultation, some items may be restricted to some patients. To add the restricted items to the compatible species, first select just the compatible patient(s) and then add the unrestricted items separately for the other patient(s). Read more about item and bundle species restrictions. 
  5. Modify any item details if necessary. If it is set as required in the item settings, the batch number must be selected.

If you add an item from a bundle as a planned item to the consultation, the item discount or fixed price is applied based on the item's discount rule.

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