Search for Diagnostic Imaging Referrals

After creating a diagnostic imaging referral on a consultation page, you can view the referral in the Diagnostic imaging section of the consultation page. 

All of the patient's diagnostic imaging referrals are listed on the Imaging tab of the patient's page.

To view and search for all diagnostic imaging referrals of all patients, go the Diagnostic imaging tab on the dashboard. Use the filters and search options to search for referrals:

  • You can filter diagnostic imaging referrals by the referral status using the Referral status filters or by the modality's worklist status using the Modality status filters.
  • You can view referrals assigned to specific Wards and Modalities. If you select a ward that is shared by other departments, the modality options include all modalities that belong to your active department and all other departments that share the ward.
  • You can search for referrals by the Client ID or Patient ID.
  • For more search options, select the Show extended search check box.

From Columns, you can select the columns for the list. Using the small arrow in a column header, you can sort the list by the column, for example, by planned time or status. To save your selected filters so that the same filters are applied the next time you view diagnostic imaging referrals, select the wrench tool button > Save filters.

Using the buttons at the end of a referral row, you can view the referral or go to the related consultation.

Incoming Appointments

When a resource linked to diagnostic imaging is selected for a new appointment, the appointment is shown under Incoming appointments.

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