Update Diagnostic Imaging Referral Status and Add Results

You can update the status of a diagnostic imaging referral and add results on the diagnostic imaging referral page.

To open the referral page, find the referral on the consultation page where the referral was created, on the Imaging tab of the patient's page, or on the Diagnostic Imaging tab of the dashboard, and select the 'view request' button at the end of the referral row. 

Update Referral Status

Use the buttons in the top right corner of the referral page to update the referral status.

  • Mark as in progress: You can update a referral with 'Not started' or 'Completed' status to 'In progress'.
  • Mark as completed: You can update a referral with 'In progress' status to 'Completed'.
  • Mark as not started: You can change a referral with 'In progress' status back to 'Not started' if needed.

You can view all status changes under Status history and print any version of the referral.

Update Modality Status

The modality worklist status is not automatically updated on the diagnostic imaging referral in Provet Cloud. For an imaging to disappear from the worklist, you need to mark the imaging complete on the referral in Provet Cloud. Depending on the settings, it may also be possible to change the status of the diagnostic imaging modality on the consultation page.

Add Results

The information you can add to the diagnostic imaging referral depends on the settings. I may include a diagnosis, remarks, a report, attachments, internal notes, and signatures. With Provet Cloud student features, students can add a draft report on the referral page. A supervisor can then approve the draft and/or add comments.

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