Referral Statuses

Referral Statuses in Provet Cloud and the Referral Portal

The following table lists the referral statuses and shows how they are matched between the Referral Portal and Provet Cloud.

Provet Cloud Status Referral Portal Status Description
  All All referrals
  Draft Referrals in draft status, not shown in Provet Cloud
Incoming Sent Referrals that have been sent out from the portal and are shown in Provet Cloud
Received Received Referrals sent from the Referral Portal that have been received in Provet Cloud. Also referrals created in Provet Cloud (no Referral Portal). No appointment has been booked yet.
Approved   The referral has been approved in Provet Cloud. This status can be selected manually for a referral if an approval step is used in your workflow. 
Appointment booked   An appointment has been booked for the referral in Provet Cloud.
Started In progress The patient has been checked in for the appointment in Provet Cloud and the consultation may already be ongoing or ended.
Feedback sent Feedback received Feedback has been sent from Provet Cloud for the referral.
  Deleted at receiving hospital The referral has been deleted in Provet Cloud.
  Failed The referral sending process has failed.

The referral has received new feedback from Provet Cloud.

Change Referral Status Manually in Provet Cloud

  1. Go to Patient care > Patient referrals.
  2. Open the referral you want to edit by selecting the pen button at the end of the referral row.
  3. Select a status from the Status drop-down in the in the upper right corner of the dialogue.
  4. Select Save.

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