Cancel Patient Check-In

If a patient has been checked in by mistake, you can cancel the check-in. Check-in can be cancelled also if the consultation has already been started, but not if the consultation already has a diagnosis, e-prescriptions, clinical signs, or treatment plans linked to it. 

You can cancel check-in from the appointment calendar or on the consultation page:

  • In the appointment calendar: Right-click on the appointment and select Cancel check-in from the pop-up menu.
  • On the consultation page: If the consultation has not yet been started, select Cancel check-in in the bottom right corner of the page. If the consultation has been started, select Tools > Cancel check-in.

When check-in is cancelled, the consultation is set to the draft state. The appointment status changes to 'Upcoming' and patient referral statuses change to 'Appointment booked'. The consultation items (medicines, foods, etc.) are deleted. Note that the consultation invoice is not deleted even though the consultation is set to the draft state.

When the patient is checked back in to the consultation, diagnostic imaging and patient referral statuses are set back to what they were and consultation items that were linked to a consultation reason type are re-added, but other items will be lost. 

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