Create a Treatment Estimate Using a Bundle

Using a treatment estimate bundle as a template, you can create frequently used treatment estimates quickly instead of always creating them from scratch.

  1. Create a new treatment estimate.
  2. When adding items to the estimate, select Bundles
  3. All available item and estimate bundles are listed in the Treatment item bundles dialogue. Select the bundle you want to use.
  4. In the Add treatment items to estimate dialogue, select the items you want to add. You can edit the item quantities and prices. Note that if the bundle contains items that are incompatible with the species of the selected patient, these items are listed but cannot be used, with the exception of mandatory items in sub-bundles. For more information, see Species-Specific Items.
  5. If you only want to include the bundle title and not the individual items included in the bundle on the finalised estimate printout, select the Show only bundle title on finalised estimate checkbox.
  6. Select Add.
  7. When you are ready, select Finalise estimate. Note that after an estimate has been finalised, it can no longer be edited. Finalising the estimate is optional but recommended when an agreement has been reached with the client. When electronic signatures are used, finalising is required.

Species-Specific Items

If you first select a patient for a treatment estimate and then use a bundle that contains items with species-specific restrictions, items that cannot be used for the species of the patient are listed but cannot be used.


If you create a treatment estimate without a patient and add items from a bundle, Provet Cloud checks the item restrictions when you try to add a patient to the treatment estimate. If you have added items that have species restrictions, you cannot select an incompatible patient. You can either select another, compatible patient, or remove the incompatible items.

The incompatible items are highlighted in red in the items list. You can remove the items one by one or use the Remove all incompatible items button. 


Note that if you use a sub-bundle that contains an incompatible but mandatory item, the mandatory item will be used even if incompatible with the species of the patient.

Read more about species-specific item and bundle restrictions.

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