View, Edit, and Archive Treatment Estimates

Find Treatment Estimates

You can find all treatment estimates on Clients & Patients > Estimates. You can use the search field to search for estimates by title, client name, client ID, or patient name, and filter the list using the filters by bundles or estimates and all, active, or archived. To save your selected filters so that the same filters are applied the next time you view estimates, select the wrench tool button > Save filters.

From Columns, you can select the columns to show in the table.

View and Edit a Treatment Estimate

To open an estimate for editing, select the Estimate button on the estimate row. Note that if an estimate has been finalised, you can no longer edit it.

You can also open an estimate from the consultation page. To edit an estimate, click the estimate link and then select the Edit estimate button in the Copy estimate items dialogue.

Archive a Treatment Estimate

To archive a treatment estimate, select the Archive button in the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

You can find archived treatment estimates on the Clients & Patients > Estimates tab using the Archived filter. To activate an archived treatment estimate, select the Unarchive button on the estimate row.

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