Create and Activate a New List

1. Add a new list.

  1. Go to Settings > Items & Lists > Lists.
  2. Select Add list. A dialogue opens.
  3. Select the list Type.
  4. You can set some lists to be department-specific, and other options may also be available depending on the list type.
  5. Add a Name for the list.
  6. Select Save.

The list is now available on the lists page, but a new list is empty by default. Continue to the next step to add items to the list.

2. Add items to the list.

  1. Find the list on the lists page and select the list name link. The list opens on a new page.
  2. Select Add item. A dialogue opens.
  3. You can add an optional Code for the list item. Some types of lists may require coded items.
  4. In the Label field, add a name for the item.
  5. Select or fill in any other options depending on the list type.
  6. Select Save.

To make the list available for use, continue to the next step to activate the list.

3. Activate the list.

Note that only a single list of a specific type can be active at a time. If you want to replace a list, the old list must be deactivated.

  1. Find the list in the lists table.
  2. Select Activate on the list row. A confirmation dialogue opens.
  3. Select Activate to confirm.


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