The request does not arrive to the IDEXX VetLab Station

Check and try the following with your IDEXX VetLab Station integration:

  • Check that the referral created in Provet Cloud contains an analysis designated as an IVLS analysis. If it does not contain it, the request was not created based on the referral as expected. If that was the case, a new referral needs to be created with at least one laboratory item that is marked as an IVLS analysis.
  • Check that the IDEXX InterLink Cloud Plug-In (ICP) is running on the designated computer and that it is set up correctly. It should display the work request in the appropriate window and have it in its work request folder.
  • Check that the 'Provet' device status is 'Green' on the IVLS home screen. Also, check if the InterLink program status is 'Green' on the computer (taskbar icon). If they are not green, it indicates a connection or installation problem between the IVLS and the InterLink application on the computer. Reinstalling the InterLink application may help.
  • Check that all devices have a proper internet connection and that the computers would be in the same local area network.
  • Restart the computer and the IVLS.

If these steps do not reveal issues or solve the problem, contact Provet Cloud support.


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