Some shifts have not been imported for one or more users and no errors in the error logs

Possible reasons:

  1. Task/sub-shifts are missing in the shifts in Quinyx.
  2. These shifts use another shift type(s) that have not been mapped in the HR Gateway Portal.
  3. The shifts are outside the import period.

Case 1: The missing tasks can be created in Quinyx and then manually imported from the HR Gateway Portal, or you can wait for the automatic import, if it is enabled.

Case 2: Make sure that the new types have been set up in both Provet Cloud and Quinyx. Then use the 'Synchronize all data' option, map the shifts in the HR Gateway Portal, and run the import again, or wait for the automatic import.

Case 3: Check the import period settings. For example, the fixed period may be wrong or the length (period) may be too short.


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