Customising Your User Profile

To access your user details, click your user name in the right-hand corner of the Provet Cloud view and select My Profile. To edit the information in the sections, click the pen icon next to the section title.



Personal Details and Profile Image

You can change your Provet Cloud profile image and update your personal information such as name, contact email address, phone number, and preferred language.

You can also save your signature in your personal details. Your signature can be added automatically on vaccination certificate printouts or used on consultations in connected notes, clinical notes, and discharge instructions templates through a placeholder.


You can change your personal password unless your clinic uses an authorisation integration. In that case, contact your local administrator for password instructions.

Other Settings and Preferences

In your user profile, you can also set other personal preferences and settings for Provet Cloud, for example, add laboratory analyses and requests widgets to your Dashboard, enable calendar feeds, and set your notification settings. For more information, see Customising Your User Profile and Setting Your Personal Preferences.

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