Creating a New Client

Because patients must be connected to clients, start by adding a client and then add patients for the client.

The simplest way to add a new client is to start from the Dashboard.


  1. Go to the Dashboard and select Tools > Client in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Fill in the client details. 
    • Last name or Organisation name is required.
    • Phone number is by default required, but you can disable the phone requirement by clicking the red X button at the end of the row. For more information about filling in client profile details, see Filling In Client Information.
  3. When you have finished filling in all the needed information, click Save.

To edit the data on the pages, click the pen icon next to the section title. Note that you can also edit many of the fields directly: just click on the field to enter editing mode.


You can start adding a new client from other pages, too. For other options and more information about adding and editing clients, see Managing Clients.

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