Cancelling an Appointment

If a client cancels an appointment or you need to cancel a client's appointment, you can delete the appointment from the calendar and free up the slot.

  1. Right-click the appointment and select Cancel appointment from the pop-up menu. Alternatively, you can open the appointment details dialogue and select the Cancel appointment button. 
  2. If cancellation reasons are used in your Provet Cloud, select a cancellation reason from the Cancellation reason drop-down list. The available cancellation reasons depend on your department's settings. You can also add an additional description in the Cancellation reason text field.
    • Depending on the settings, the Send cancellation email to the client checkbox may be available. Select the checkbox if you want to send the client an email confirmation about the cancellation.
  3. Select Cancel appointment.

The appointment is deleted from the calendar, but it is still shown on the client's page with the status 'Cancelled'.

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