Marking an Appointment as a No-Show

If a no-show cancellation reason is used in your Provet Cloud, you can mark an appointment as a no-show when a client does not arrive to a scheduled appointment.

  1. Right-click the appointment and select Cancel appointment from the pop-up menu. Alternatively, you can open the appointment details dialogue and select the Cancel appointment button. 
  2. Select the no-show reason from the Cancellation reason drop-down list. You can also add an additional description in the Cancellation reason text field.
  3. Select Cancel appointment.

A no-show appointment will stay in the appointment calendar but is shown in red, and the appointment details dialogue shows 'No show' as the consultation status.

If a missed appointment is not manually marked as a no-show, the appointment is shown in orange and the appointment status is 'Passed'.

If needed, you can revert a no-show appointment by selecting Mark as Show in the appointment details dialogue.

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