Checking a Patient In to a Consultation

The consultation process is the core workflow where veterinary practitioners meet with clients and patients. Provet Cloud follows the daily veterinary care workflow with statuses and colour highlighting to communicate the phase. The complete workflow from a new appointment to the invoice is as follows:


This article provides instructions for admitting a patient in for a consultation visit.

When a client and patient arrive at the clinic, you can mark the patient as arrived.

  1. In the Appointments calendar, right-click on the appointment and select Admit appointment from the pop-up menu.


  2. On the Mark as arrived to consultation page, select one of the Mark as arrived buttons depending on which page you want to be directed to.

You can also view and open appointments from your Dashboard, admit patients that do not have a booked appointment, or skip the 'mark as arrived' step and go directly to 'consultation'. For more information, see How to Begin a Consultation.

If a client does not arrive to a booked appointment, you can mark the appointment as no-show.

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