Renewing a Counter Sale

When a client wants to buy items they have purchased before, you can view the client's product sales history and renew a previous counter sale.

1. Find the client's previous counter sales.

Find the client's product sales history on the Treatments tab of the client page. 

2. Select the items to sell again.

  1. To sell an item again, select the shopping cart button at the end of the item row (a). If you want to select several items, click the rows you want to include and select Add to counter sale (b).
  2. The Add products to re-sale dialogue opens. Adjust the information if necessary and select Continue.

See how to use medicine, food, and supply refills.


3. Finalise the counter sale.

Finalise the counter sale invoicing and payment. Note that once the counter sale is finalised, you can no longer edit it, and the transaction can only be modified with a credit note.

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