Create a Tag

When creating tags, be careful not to over-tag. If a client or patient has multiple tags, it can be difficult to recognise tags that are critical.

  1. Go to Settings > Lists & Templates > Tags.

  2. Select Add tag. A New tag dialogue opens.

  3. In the Text field, add the tag text.

  4. From the Background colour and Text colour drop-down lists, select the background and text colours for the tag.

  5. If multiple departments are used, select which department the tag is used for from the Department drop-down list.

  6. Under Usable in, select where the tag can be used:

    • Client (for example, 'Seasonal resident', 'Employee', 'Allergic to cats')
    • Invoice (for example, 'Needs management review', 'Promissory note on file')
    • Patient (for example, 'Muzzle', 'Vaccine reactor', 'Diabetic', 'Blind')
  7. Under Used only for, you can restrict how the tag can be used:
    • Health plan: Available for patient tags. When selected, the tag can only be used for health plan discounts and cannot be added manually unless the patient has an active health plan subscription. 
    • Integrations: The tag cannot be added or removed manually in Provet Cloud, only using an API.
  8. Select Save.

Note that if a tag is associated with a discount scheme, it must be applied for both clients and patients so that the discount properly applies to invoices.

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