Merge Tags

You may want to merge tags, for example, if you have accumulated too many similar or duplicate tags. Note that if you delete a tag that has already been used, the tag will be removed from everywhere it is in use. In this case, you may want to merge tags instead. When you merge a tag into another tag, the old tag is replaced everywhere with the tag it was merged with.

You can only merge tags that are used in the same department. Also note that if the tags have different ‘usable for’ options (client, patient, invoice), the settings of the tag you merge another tag into are kept. For example, if you merge a tag used for clients and patients into a tag used only for patients, the remaining tag will only be usable for patients.

  1. Go to Settings > Lists & Templates > Tags.
  2. For a tag you want to merge, select the button with two circling arrows. The Merge tag dialogue opens.
  3. Use the Search field to find the other tag you want to merge the tag with.
  4. Select the left or right arrow between the tags depending on which tag you want to merge into the other. 

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