Overview of Species-Specific Item and Bundle Restrictions

When an item is restricted to a species, it can only be used for the specified species. For example, it can be added as a treatment item in a consultation or a treatment estimate only for a patient of that species.

Species-specific item restrictions help to improve patient safety by not allowing users to assign incompatible treatment items to patients by mistake. In addition, when there is a large number of items and bundles in the system, species-specific item restrictions can act as an additional filter and make finding suitable items and bundles easier.

Species-specific restrictions can be set on items and bundles. Item and bundle-level restrictions can be used together or only one of them can be in use. 

Item-Level Restrictions

Species restrictions can be set for all other item types except external laboratory items. Species restrictions are set in the item settings, and the available species options depend on the currently active species list. By default, items are available for all species.

Note that species-specific item restrictions for using individual items is still under development and may not work fully in all cases. For information about using items with species restrictions from bundles, see the following section.

Using Items from Bundles

A bundle can contain items with different species restrictions, but the item restrictions apply when using the items from the bundle. For example, if a patient is a dog and a bundle contains some items restricted to cats and some items restricted to dogs, the items restricted to cats cannot be used.

For more information, see Use Item Bundles on a Consultation.

If all items in a bundle are restricted to other species than the selected patient, the bundle is not available in the search results. Also, if a bundle contains a mandatory but incompatible item, the bundle is not available in the search results and cannot be used. Note that this does not apply to sub-bundles that are only used from inside another bundle.

Multi-Patient Consultations

When there is more than one patient in the consultation, users can select the patients they want to add items for. If the patients are of a different species and there are species conflicts with items included in the bundle, all items are listed but only the compatible items can be selected for each patient.

For more information, see Use Item Bundles on a Consultation.

Treatment estimates

If a treatment estimate is created without a patient, all items can be added from a bundle. When a user adds a patient to the treatment estimate, Provet Cloud checks the item restrictions, and if there are species conflicts, the user must remove either the items or the patient.

For more information, see Item Bundles in Multi-Patient Consultations.


If a sub-bundle (a bundle that can only be used from inside another bundle) contains an optional but incompatible item, the parent bundle and the compatible items of the sub-bundle can be used. If all items in a sub-bundle are restricted to incompatible species, the main bundle and the sub-bundle are not available in the search and cannot be used.

If a sub-bundle contains an incompatible but mandatory item, the bundle will show up in the search. If the bundle is used, the mandatory item will be used even if incompatible.

Bundle-Level Restrictions

In addition to items, bundles can also be restricted to specific species. However, the bundle restriction itself does not restrict using the items in the bundle but only affects the bundle search results. When searching for bundles on consultations or treatment estimates, a bundle restricted to a specific species is not shown for other species in the search results.

Note that even if a bundle itself has no conflicting restrictions but all items in the bundle are restricted to other species than the patient, the bundle is not shown in the search results.

Bundle-level restrictions can be set in the bundle settings. Bundle restrictions are based on the species categories.

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