Species-Specific Item and Bundle Restrictions

Both items and item bundles can be restricted to specific species. When an item is restricted to a species, it can only be used for that species. A bundle restricted to a species is not shown for other species when
searching for bundles on consultations or treatment estimates.

Note, however, that a bundle can contain items with different species restrictions. In this case, the bundle may be available for a patient on a consultation or a treatment estimate, but the item restrictions apply when using it. For example, if a bundle with no species restrictions contains some items restricted to cats and some items with no restrictions, the bundle is available in the search results for a dog, but the items restricted to cats cannot be used. If all items in a bundle are restricted to other species than the patient, the bundle is not shown in search results even if the bundle itself has no conflicting restrictions.

If a mandatory bundle item has a species conflict or there is a conflicting species restriction on a fixed price bundle, the bundle is not shown in search results and cannot be used for the patient. Note that this
does not apply for template bundles that are only used from inside another bundle.

If a treatment estimate has been created without a patient, Provet Cloud checks the item restrictions when a user adds a patient to the treatment estimate. If there are species conflicts, the user must remove either the items or the patient.

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