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Provet Cloud can be integrated with selected wholesalers so that product lists with prices can be imported and updated to Provet Cloud. This feature requires an initial setup by Provet Cloud support.

If you want to update prices for items that already exist in Provet Cloud and do not need to update any other item information or add new items, you can use the Update prices function. You can also schedule automatic price updates.

To allow the item selling price to be updated automatically, make sure that the Disable automatic selling price calculation setting is not selected in the item settings on the Stock and pricing tab. By default, the setting is not selected which means that the selling price is updated when the purchase price changes. If the setting is selected, the selling price remains the same and the markup is updated when the purchase price is changes.

    1. Go to Settings > Import & Export > Import from lists.
    2. In the wholesaler list, select Update prices for the wholesaler whose item prices you want to update. 
    3. Select Update prices to confirm and start the update.
  1. You can schedule price updates to happen automatically for a wholesaler in Provet Cloud. The updates will happen on the first night of each month.

    1. Go to Settings > Import & Export > Import from lists.
    2. In the wholesaler list, select Schedule on the wholesaler row. The Scheduled automated price update dialogue opens.
    3. Under Departments for automated import, add the departments to which you want to apply the price updates.
    4. Under Recipients for update notifications, you can add users who will receive an email notification about the price updates.
    5. Select Save.

    To delete a scheduled price update, select Schedule for the wholesaler and then select Delete in the Scheduled automated price update dialogue.

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