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Provet Cloud offers a mobile application designed to support Provet Cloud usage during brief periods outside of Wi-Fi or network coverage. The mobile app allows users to view their relevant appointment calendar details for yesterday, today and tomorrow timeframes, related client and patient details for those appointments, patient medical history, as well as compose preliminary clinical notes and view recent consultation history. Stock can also be scanned and added to inventory.

Functionalities supported through the mobile application are limited at this time. However continual developments are ongoing to expand the functionality offerings. New appointments cannot be scheduled and invoicing cannot be completed within the mobile application presently.

The mobile application is for internal staff use only, it is not client-facing. To use the mobile app, each user must collect a one-time log in key from their user profile.

The mobile application refreshes in real-time when the page is dragged down or hourly automatically. 

How to Enable the Mobile App

The mobile app is an add-on functionality that needs to be enabled from organisation settings. If the mobile app is not enabled, users cannot generate login credentials.

To enable the mobile application, please follow: Settings > Organization > Enable mobile app.

If this setting is not available, please contact Provet Cloud customer support.

How to Access the Login Key and Download the App

  1. Access your user profile by selecting your user name shown in the upper righthand corner of the header bar on any Provet Cloud page
  2. Within the drop-down menu, select 'User Profile'
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, or quick select 'Mobile app' along the header tabs to access the Mobile App section
  4. Select 'Android' or 'iOS' to view the mobile app device-specific instructions
  5. Use the download button to get the app if needed
  6. Select 'Show login credentials' to view the appropriate login key which the mobile app login requests

Customisation Options

User Group Permissions

Settings > General > Users > Permission Groups > Edit > Can access / edit mobile app settings.

User group permissions can deny user-specific access to the mobile application settings in the user profile. This prevents the user from completing login authentication and the user cannot use the Provet Cloud mobile app. Contact your clinic staff administrator to discuss user permissions if needed.


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