Tasks Overview and Settings

Tasks are an internal communication tool for creating personal tasks with reminders, assigning tasks to other users and notifying users when tasks or events are completed. 

Tasks can be single or repeated. For example, a single task can be used for scheduling a follow-up appointment with a patient, or the office staff can have a repeated task for completing the end-of-day reporting.

Tasks can also be generated automatically for certain events, for example, when a referred patient arrives or when finalising invoicing. 


In addition to the settings related to automatically generated tasks, the following settings are related to tasks.

Task SMS reminders

Settings > General > Department > Task settings > SMS reminders available

When this setting is selected, SMS (text message) reminders are sent to users about their expired tasks daily. Select the time for sending the reminder from the Send reminders of expired tasks daily at drop-down list.

User Permissions

By default, all users can view and create tasks. The permission group setting 'Can access/edit tasks' can be used to restrict task permissions for specific user groups.

The setting 'Can access / edit task settings' controls whether users can change their own task settings in their profile.

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