Overview of Pricing Tool

The Pricing Tool is intended for corporate customers with multiple departments and is included in the Provet Cloud Enterprise level plan.

The Pricing Tool helps organisations to streamline their item management in Provet Cloud while retaining the possibility to have different pricing for different departments. If the same item list is used by multiple departments, managing items is easy in Provet Cloud, but prices will be the same for all departments. If the departments have their own item lists, prices can be set differently for the same item for different departments, but managing items becomes difficult, because all item edits must be made separately to each list. Using the Pricing Tool, you can manage items for different departments and set department-specific prices for them in one place.

In the Pricing Tool, each unique item code appears only once. The same item is identified in different item list in Provet Cloud based on the same item code. This means that department-specific pricing can be set under one item for all departments in the Pricing Tool. When an item is updated in the Pricing Tool and the change is published to Provet Cloud, the Pricing Tool updates multiple items, as it updates the same item across the different department item lists in Provet Cloud.

Adding Product Data to the Pricing Tool

You can import data to the Pricing Tool from .cvs, .xls, and .xlsx files. In addition, you can add and edit items manually in the Pricing Tool.

See how to import data from a file.

See how to add a new item manually in the Pricing Tool.

Synchronising Product Data from Provet Cloud to the Pricing Tool

Basic data such as VAT groups, wholesalers, species, client and patient tags, and subgroups are synchronised automatically from Provet Cloud to the Pricing Tool every night. Depending on the settings, items may also be synchronised automatically. In addition, you can synchronise data manually.

See how to synchronise data manually from Provet Cloud.

Categories and Departments in the Pricing Tool

Categories can be used to group items together and make them available only for specific departments. For example, if you have an organisation with clinics for large and small animals, you may want some items to be available only in the small animal clinics. In this case, you can group items into categories and use the categories to publish the items. In Provet Cloud, the items will then be available only for the departments that are enabled for the category in the Pricing Tool.

See how to:

Publishing New and Updated Items to Provet Cloud

When you make changes to products in the Pricing Tool, you need to publish the updates so that they become available in Provet Cloud. When adding or editing items manually, you can either publish the items individually or group items into categories and publish all items in a category to specific departments. When importing items from a file to the Pricing Tool, you can choose to publish the imported items automatically to Provet Cloud or do it later.

See how to publish items to Provet Cloud.

Discount Schemes

In the Pricing Tool, you can create and apply discount schemes to all departments in one place. You can create discount schemes for all clients, selected species, or selected client and/or patient tags.

Note that existing discount schemes cannot be imported from Provet Cloud to the Pricing Tool but must be recreated in the Pricing Tool.

See how to create a discount scheme in the Pricing Tool.


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