Import Data from File to Pricing Tool

  1. Go to the Products page.
  2. Select Import. The Import items page opens.
  3. Under Step 1. Select file, select Choose file and find the file you want to import data from. The data mapping table opens. The data from your file is shown on the left and the data the importer expects on the right.
  4. Map the columns in your file with the importer columns. For fields that require number options, map the values from your file to values allowed by the importer.
  5. If you want to import items to a specific wholesaler, select the wholesaler from the Import for a specific wholesaler drop-down list.
  6. If you want to publish the imported items to Provet Cloud after the import, turn on the Item publication after import toggle. After the import, the imported items are added to the release queue. If you want to publish the items later individually or through categories, turn the toggle off. For more information, see Publish Items to Provet Cloud.
  7. Select Continue. A list of data to be imported opens.
  8. Review the data. You can still edit the values directly in the table.
    • The Import operation column shows whether the item is a new item to be created or an existing item to be updated. Items to be updated only require the item code and the item type. New items require more information based on the item type. 
    • Cells with a red background contain invalid data. You can view information about the error by hovering over the warning icon.
    • If you want to import categories, add the categories in the Categories column. You can add several categories separated by a comma. Note that if a category already exists in the Pricing Tool and is associated with a discount scheme, the discount scheme will not be updated to Provet Cloud immediately but will be published within the next 30 minutes.

    • Note that if your import file has an account number column, empty cells are ignored in the import and do not remove the account number from existing items that already have an associated account number. To remove an account number from an item, go to the item page and manually select the empty option in the account number field.
    • The Complete import button above the table is blue when there are no errors in the data and white if there are errors. You can import data also with errors, in which case the items with no errors are imported and you can export the failed items to an Excel file.
  9. Select Complete import. If there are errors in the data, you need to confirm the import. You can then select Download rows with errors to save the failed rows with error descriptions to an Excel file.




View Import Status

Your data is imported in the background, and you can close the page and continue your work. You will receive an email notification when the import is complete.

  • A blue icon with double 'greater than' signs next to the page title means that the import is still in progress.
  • A green checkmark icon next to the page title means that the import was completed successfully.
  • A yellow warning icon next to the page title means that the import failed and error messages are shown in the log table.
  • To view the status of all import operations, go to the Status report page. To filter the list, select Display filters, and for the Type filter, select Import items from file.

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