Publish Items to Provet Cloud

Note that if an item is included in a category that is enabled for specific departments, the availability of the item in the departments depends on the category.

Publish Items Individually

When you add or edit an item manually in the Pricing Tool, you can publish it to Provet Cloud by selecting one of the publishing options on the item page.

  • When you select Save and publish immediately, the update is published to Provet Cloud immediately. 
  • When you select Save and schedule release, the update is added to the release queue.


Publish Imported Items Automatically

If you want to publish items automatically to Provet Cloud after importing data from a file, turn on the Item publication after import toggle when importing the items. When the import is complete, an update is added to the release queue.


Publish All Items in a Category to Specific Departments

You may sometimes want to make items available only for some departments. For example, if you have an organisation with clinics for large and small animals, you may want some items to be available only in the small animal clinics. In this case, you can group items together in categories and use the categories to publish them. In Provet Cloud, the items will then be available only for the departments that are enabled for the category in the Pricing Tool.

To publish the items of a category to a specific department:

  1. If needed, first enable the department for the category.
  2. On the Categories page, find the category and select View category.
  3. From the Options button menu, select Publish Items. The Publish category items for department dialogue opens.
  4. Select the departments to which you want to publish the items.
  5. Select Publish selected departments. A new update is added to the release queue.



Schedule a Release

Go to the Release queue > Waiting page and find the update you created.

Release or schedule the update:

  • If you want to release the update immediately, select the checkmark button (a) at the end of the row.
  • If you want to view the contents of the update first or schedule the release for a later time, select the eye button (b). To schedule the publishing for a later time, select  Edit under Date of release, set the date and time, and select Confirm release. The update is added to the Scheduled page.



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