Add a New Item Manually in Pricing Tool

  1. Go to the Products page and select Add a new item in the upper right corner of the page. 
  2. Select the item type (Procedure, Medicine, Supply, Food, Laboratory Analysis, or Laboratory Analysis Panel).
  3. Add the item details and settings. All other settings except department specific prices are common to all departments. 
    • The available fields depend on the item type. For more information, see:
    • If you select Discontinued product under Stock options (1), the remaining stock of the item can be used, but the item cannot be ordered anymore in Provet Cloud.
    • Under Other settings, you can select Categories for the item (2). Categories can be used, for example, to apply category-related settings when publishing the item to Provet Cloud. For more information, see Add or Remove Items from Categories in Pricing Tool.
    • Under Department specific prices (3), you can set different prices for the item in different departments and activate the item for the departments. From Filter columns, you can select the fields you want to define.

      If an item is included in a category that is enabled for specific departments with default percentages set, the department settings and department specific percentages are used from the category settings and cannot be edited in the item settings.

    • If you want to update linked item associations in Provet Cloud, select Update Provet Cloud linked items under Publication settings (4). Note that if the item has a linked item in Provet Cloud and the linked item is not defined in the Pricing Tool, the linked item is removed.
  4. You can add a Publication release note for the item update release (5). 
  5. Depending on whether you want to publish the item to Provet Cloud immediately or schedule the release, select Save and publish immediately or Save and schedule release (6). For more information, see Publish Items to Provet Cloud.


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