Add Medicine, Food, and Supply Refills Without a Consultation

Refills allow the client to receive the same item without having to consult a veterinarian. Adding refills for items is possible if refills are enabled in the settings.

  1. Go to the client's page. If the client has multiple patients, select the patient you want to add refills for.
  2. In the Refills panel on the right or on the Treatments tab in the Refills section, select Add refill and the item type (Medicine, Supply, or Food). A dialogue opens. 
  3. Find and select the item you want to add refills for. The Create new refill dialogue opens.
  4. Select the item Usage size (package or units) and add the Quantity.
  5. In the Refills field, add the number of refills you want to allow.
  6. If relevant, add the Refill expiry date.
  7. Add any other relevant information, such as instructions and withdrawal information, and select Save.

You can also add refills during a consultation.

Required Settings and Permissions

Settings > General > Organization > Organization settings

  • Repeat prescription features in use: When this setting is selected, the refill functions are available.

Settings > Users > Permission groups

  • Can create refills outside consultation: Users that have 'write' permissions can add refills for patients without a consultation.

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