Enable a Category for Departments in Pricing Tool

Categories can be used to group items together and make them available only for specific departments, for example, to apply default percentages to items in specific departments. Note that in this case, the department settings and department specific percentages cannot be edited in the item settings. 

  1. Go to the Categories page.
  2. Find the category you want to edit and select the View category link on the category row.
  3. On the category page, select Enabled departments in the upper right corner of the page. A panel opens showing a list of all available departments.
  4. Under Departments filter settings, turn the toggle on so that the category can be used to process items for departments.
  5. Turn on the toggles for the departments you want to enable for the category.
  6. Select Confirm selection.


On the category page under the category name, you can see when a category has been enabled for departments.


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