Find and Edit Items in Pricing Tool

You can view items on the Products page. 

  • You can search for items using the Search an item field. The search searches from the filtered list.
  • You can filter items using the item type filter (Procedures, Medicines, Supplies, Food, or Laboratories) and the status filters (Active, Archived, or All).
  • From Show advanced search, you can open additional options to:
    • Filter items from a specific item subgroup.
    • Filter items last modified after or before or specific date and time.
    • Exclude items with a missing markup percentage, consider missing markup percentage as 0%, or show only items with a missing markup percentage.
    • Filter items with a markup percentage higher or lower than a specified value.

To view and edit an item, select the View item link at the end of the item row. All item details and settings can be edited except the item code. For more information, see Add a New Item Manually in Pricing Tool.


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