View the Update Status of Item Availability and Prices

You can view the status of the availability of an item in departments and the department-specific item prices on the item page. To view an item, go to the Products page in Pricing Tool, find the item you want to view, and select the View item link at the end of the item row.

Under Department specific prices:

  • A green check mark icon indicates that the last update was successfully published for the department to Provet Cloud.
  • A red triangle icon indicates that the last update for the department failed, and therefore the latest information is not available in Provet Cloud. To find out why an item failed to be published, find the latest item update in the Release & publish section on the item page and select Preview. Then select the View status report link in the upper right corner of the dialogue.
  • A blue watch icon indicates that the update status is not known. This usually happens when the item has been imported to the Pricing Tool but has not yet been published to Provet Cloud.

Note that if an item is included in a category that is enabled for specific departments, the availability of the item in the departments depends on the category. If default percentages have been set for the departments based on categories, the department settings and department specific percentages are used from the category settings and cannot be edited in the item settings. 


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