Create and Manage Text Templates

Create Text Templates

You need 'Can access / edit templates' permissions to create and manage text templates.

  1. Go to Settings > Lists & Templates > Templates > Text templates.
  2. In the text templates section, select Add.
  3. Choose the Type of text template.
  4. Clinical note templates may also include an option to select a Note type. Read more about note type.
  5. Define a recognizable template Title for the template.
  6. Enter the template body Text, which can be either free-form text or a combination of text and placeholders. See Use Placeholders in Text Templates for instructions on incorporating placeholders.
  7. You can use the available font styles for text formatting if needed.
  8. If you want to make the template available only to a specific user (for example, yourself), select a User. If you do not select a user, the template will be available for all users.
  9. Select the Department(s) for which the template will be available.
  10. If you want to keep the template as a draft and not yet available for use, select the Draft checkbox. You can view all draft templates using the Draft filter in the text templates list.
  11. Select Save.

Edit Text Templates

If you want to edit an existing text template, select the pen button at the end of the template row. You can modify any information as desired.

Archive Text Templates

To archive a text template, select the trash bin button at the end of the template row, then select Archive in the confirmation message dialogue.

You can view archived text templates by selecting the Archived filter in the text template list. If a text template was mistakenly archived, you can restore it by selecting the circular arrow button at the end of the template row.

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