Create a Cubex Cabinet Item

When the Cubex cabinet integration is used, you can add items as Cubex items in your Provet Cloud to connect them to your Cubex cabinet system. See how to use Cubex cabinet items on a consultation.

  1. Go to Catalog > Items and create a new item.
  2. On the Stock and pricing tab under Stock options, select the Cubex integration checkbox.
  3. Fill in any other relevant information and Save.

If you have problems with your Cubex cabinet integration

  • Contact Provet Could support: If client, patient, or item details are not updated correctly to the MyCubex software from Provet Cloud. For example, when a Cubex item is added on a consultation, or client, patient, or item details are updated in Provet Cloud, and these changes are not updated in MyCubex. 
  • Contact Cubex support: If you have any issues with the MyCubex software or Cubex cabinets, for example, if information is not updated correctly from MyCubex to the cabinet or vice versa.

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