Create a Custom Field

You can add custom fields to the client details, patient details, and consultation pages for any purposes you want. For example, client details could include custom fields for preferred language or preferred doctors, patient details could include custom fields for allergies, diet, or rabies tag serial number, and consultations could include custom fields for check-out date or client information confirmed at check-in. Custom fields can be optional or required.

  1. Go to Settings > Lists & Templates > Custom fields.
  2. Select Add.
  3. Add a Name for the custom field.
  4. From the Field type drop-down list, select what type of field you want to create. 
    • Text: Users can type free-form text in this field.
    • Integer: Users can add an integer number in this field.
    • Date: Users can pick a date from a calendar.
    • Checkbox: Users can select a checkbox option.
    • JSON field: This field can be used to store data accessed from another system using the API. The field will not be visible in the Provet Cloud user interface.
    • Select: Users can select one of the available options.
    • Multi-select: Users can select any number of the available options.
  5. Select whether the field will be required or not.
  6. From the Usable for drop-down list, select where the field will be used:
    • Client: The field is added to the Client details tab on the client page.
    • Patient: The field is added to the Patient details tab on the patient page.
    • Consultation: The field is added to the Consultation details section on the consultation page.
  7. In the Help text field, you can add text that is shown next to the field to provide information for how to use the custom field.
  8. For the select and multi-select type fields, add the Options that will be available for the field. To create a new option, type in the field and press Enter.
  9. You can add a Default field value for the field.
  10. Select Save.

Custom fields on a client page:


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