Overview of the Cubex Integration

You can integrate your Cubex cabinet system with Provet Cloud and use Cubex items in your Provet Cloud consultation workflow. The Provet Cloud team will help you set up and enable the Cubex integration. 

When the Cubex cabinet integration is used, date of birth, sex, and driver's license number information and may be required in the client details. Provet Cloud does not use this information but only forwards it to Cubex. Note that this information is not updated to Cubex automatically when you add the information to a client profile. In addition, you need to save the client's patient information after saving the client details.

Creating Cubex Cabinet Items in Provet Cloud

To connect items in your Provet Cloud to your Cubex cabinet system, you create them as Cubex items in your Provet Cloud.

See how to create Cubex cabinet items.

Using Cubex Cabinet Items on a Consultation

When a user adds a Cubex cabinet item on a consultation in Provet Cloud, the item is first added as a 'planned' item and the information is sent to the Cubex cabinet. When the user logs into the Cubex cabinet and removes the item, Provet Cloud receives information that the item has been removed and automatically updates the item status on the consultation page.

See how to use Cubex cabinet items on a consultation.

Matching Orphan Cubex Items to a Consultation

Sometimes an item may not be matched to the correct consultation or patient for some reason. For example, an item may have been taken directly from the cabinet without adding it on a consultation in Provet Cloud first, or the quantity taken from the cabinet does not match the quantity added on the consultation.

In these cases, the item status does not update correctly on the consultation, and the item is listed as an orphan item. These orphan items must be matched manually to consultations. 

See how to match orphan Cubex cabinet items to a consultation.


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