Create a Custom View Mode

You can customise the consultation page layout by creating shared custom view modes to ensure that the most relevant information is easily accessible.

  1. Go to Settings > Department > Consultation advanced settings.
  2. Under View modes, select Add to add a new custom view. The Create view mode dialogue opens.
  3. Add the View mode name.
  4. Select the Default view mode:
    • None: the custom view is not set as a default for any scenario.
    • Outpatient: sets default view mode for outpatient consultations.
    • Inpatient: sets default view mode for inpatient consultations.
  5. Select a State for each section on the Consultation page.
    • Open: the entire section is shown by default.
    • Closed: only the section heading is shown by default. You can expand the section from the arrow in the section header.
    • Hidden: the section is hidden by default.
  6. Drag and drop the consultation sections to rearrange them if needed.
  7. Select Save. The custom view is shown in the list under View Modes
  8. Optionally, select Allow users to create custom view mode under Consultation advanced settings. When this setting is enabled, you can also create a custom mode only visible to you in addition to creating shared default custom views modes.

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