Diagnostic Imaging Requirements

Requirements for Imaging Devices

Image Archiving to PACS

Connectivity to the Provet Cloud PACS requires that the diagnostic imaging devices being connected are equipped with DICOM Send functionality (may also be called PACS image archival functionality). Depending on the device, this may be a standard feature or additional licensable feature.

Worklist Sending from Provet Cloud to the Imaging Device

Provet Cloud’s DICOM modality worklist functionality allows diagnostic imaging requests to be transferred from Provet Cloud to the worklist section of your modalities. This is often referred to as RIS connectivity (Radiology Information System connectivity) in the diagnostic imaging devices. Depending on the device, this may be a standard feature or additional licensable feature.

Worklist Blackbox

The worklist blackbox is a Linux device that acts as a proxy for your DICOM devices to ensure secure transmission of incoming DICOM studies directly to your Provet Cloud environment. The blackbox also provides a local worklist service to your DICOM devices to facilitate study requests from Provet Cloud directly into your DICOM device. This process allows study requests to arrive at the imaging system without the need for manually entering data such as the patient name, client name, etc. 

Connectivity and Ports

The blackbox can be connected to the network at any physical location as long as the IP
address of the blackbox is accessible by the imaging systems and has unrestricted outgoing
internet access.

Name   Port TCP/UDP  Traffic Direction
PACS / DICOM Send  11112 TCP INBOUND (LAN to Blackbox)
Worklist Server 104 TCP INBOUND (LAN to Blackbox)
Provet Cloud API Access 443 TCP OUTBOUND (Blackbox to WAN)
NTP (Time Sync) 123 UDP OUTBOUND (Blackbox to WAN)

MedDream Viewer Minimum Requirements

  Desktop Web HTML5  Mobile iOS Web  Mobile Android Web
Operating system Windows 10 (32/64 bit), macOS X 10.9+ iOS 9+  Android 6+
Web browsers Chrome 113+, Firefox 113+, Safari 16+, Microsoft Edge 113+ Safari 16+, Chrome 113+ Chrome 113+, Firefox 113+
CPU Modern x86/x64 Consumer CPU (10th generation Intel i3 4 core CPU or better) iPhone 6+, iPad Air+  ARMv7 processor with
vector FPU, minimum
550MHz, OpenGL ES 2.0,
H.264 and AAC HW
RAM 8+ GB of RAM, 256+ MB of VRAM 2+ GB 2+ GB
HDD 10 GB   2 GB 2 GB
Network Bandwidth 100+ Mbit/s 100+ Mbit/s 100+ Mbit/s

Source: https://www.softneta.com/documentation/user-guide/client-side-requirements/

For a full breakdown of MedDream’s feature set, please refer to https://www.softneta.com/products/meddream-dicom-viewer/.

For an example instance provided by MedDream for network testing, see https://demo.softneta.com/?study=1.2.826.0.1.3680043.2.4852.20180816.124204820.599825086.

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