Overview of the Xero Integration

The Xero integration allows you to synchronise finalised invoices from Provet Cloud to Xero. All changes to the invoices, including both full and partial invoice payments, are updated in both systems without delay. In addition, client information is updated both ways.

Note that only invoices created in Provet Cloud are synchronised - invoices created in Xero are not transferred to Provet Cloud.

All types of Provet Cloud invoices are synchronised, including consultation invoices, counter sale invoices, credit notes, and consolidated invoices. However, note following:

  • Using consolidated invoices in Provet Cloud is not recommended, because there is no corresponding feature in Xero. If consolidated invoices are used in Provet Cloud, both the consolidated invoice and the included invoices are transferred to Xero, and this leads to wrong figures in Xero’s reports.
  • Anonymous invoices are not sent to Xero, because Xero does not allow invoices without named clients.
  • Prepayments are not sent to Xero until they have been used on an invoice. 


The Provet Cloud team will set up the Xero integration for you.  Before starting the integration, make sure that you meet the following prerequisites:

  • You have a valid account in Xero. If you create the account yourself, the Provet Cloud team will need your account credentials to complete the integration setup.
  • You have same VAT/tax groups set up in Xero and Provet Cloud. The Provet Cloud and Xero VAT/tax groups are linked in the integration setup.
  • It is recommended that you create a new 'Xero payments' payment method in Provet Cloud. This payment method will be linked to incoming payments from Xero.
  • See also our recommended financial settings. These settings will help you manage your accounting data and improve your financial reporting.

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