Estonian payment terminal integration setup guide

Use Case

In a modern veterinary clinic, clients expect to be able to pay with their bank card. They also expect the option to pay using the contactless method, using their card or even phone. These functions are supported by Provet Cloud with Swedbank, SEB Bank and LHV Bank in Estonia. With the integration, Provet Cloud users can initiate the payment process from the system, and the payment terminal will automatically prompt the client for payment.

NOTE: The payment terminal integration is an add-on feature.


In case you don't have any payment terminals in your clinic yet, you have to start from ordering the devices and setup from the bank of your choice:


SEB Bank:

LHV Bank:

Payment terminal setups that are supported:

  • Ingenico DESK3200 with PoSXML integration support
  • Ingenico iPP310 or iPP320 with PoSXML integration support

Clinic network setup

Once you have a working payment terminal, you can continue with the clinic network configuration.

1. Make sure that you have a fixed external IP address and assign it to the payment terminal

A fixed external IP address is needed for your clinic network in order to keep the payment terminal always reachable by Provet Cloud. It can be obtained from your internet service provider. In your router settings, assign the fixed external IP address to the payment terminal.

2. Configure port forwarding

Supported payment terminals communicate with Provet Cloud using the TCP ports 4445 and 5551. You have to open these ports and create port forwarding rules in your router’s settings.

For example, if the clinic's external IP address is, the terminal should be reachable at and You can map any free port for an external IP address, but from the payment terminal’s side, the ports should always be 4445 and 5551.

In general, port forwarding settings should be:

  • <external IP address of the terminal>:4445 (or some other port) → <internal IP address of payment terminal>:4445
  • <external IP address of the terminal>:5551 (or some other port) → <internal IP address of payment terminal>:5551

More information about port forwarding can be found from this Wikipedia article.

Enable the integration with Provet Cloud support

1. Contact Provet Cloud support and forward the connection info

NOTE: If you already have some terminals integrated with us and would just like to add another one, start from this step.

Notify us that you would enable the integration and tell us the <external IP address>:<port> setups and we will add payment terminal to your Provet Cloud.

2. Test and complete

Time for testing. A person from Provet Cloud support will contact you and runs some payment terminal tests with you. The testing does not require the physical presence of Provet Cloud staff, it can be done remotely.

If the tests go well, you can start using your payment terminals in integration with Provet Cloud!

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