Overview of Provet Cloud

What is Provet Cloud?

Provet Cloud is a modern, cloud-based veterinary practice management system that helps all types of veterinary professionals to streamline their practice processes, improve the standard of care and increase practice performance and customer satisfaction.

At the heart of Provet Cloud is the consultation process — the core workflow where veterinary practitioners meet with clients and their pets, the patients. Clinic employees must be able to easily and confidently schedule shifts and book appointments, admit patients, oversee their care in the clinic, present invoices, and take payments for their work.

This is where Provet Cloud comes in — but it doesn’t stop there. Provet Cloud also offers a variety of supporting features to help you manage your clinic. You can capture client feedback, manage reminders, integrate with diagnostic devices, manage inventory, generate various financial reports, and much more.

A cloud-based application, service, or resource is available on-demand via the Internet and uses a remote server resource to make it all happen (we use Amazon Web Services). This means that Provet Cloud requires no local installations or extra devices, such as local servers.

You do, however, need a stable internet connection and computers for users since Provet Cloud works entirely through a web browser (Google Chrome is recommended). Your clinic's Provet Cloud is available for use from anywhere, but it can also be restricted if needed.

Provet Cloud User Interface

Main Navigation Menu


The main navigation menu on the left provides access to Provet Cloud's main dashboard, client and patient database, appointments, reports, and settings. Note that some of the sections may be hidden depending on your permissions as a clinic employee.

Patient care

Under Patient care, you will find the dashboard which shows information about upcoming and ongoing consultations. Depending on your subscription and settings, other pages for triage, treatment plans, laboratory functions, diagnostic imaging, patient referrals, and patient locations may also be available.


Under Records, you will find your client and patient records. Depending on your subscription and settings, other pages for all your treatment estimates, invoices, insurance claims, reminders, and health plan subscriptions may also be available.


Under Calendar, you will find your Provet Cloud calendars for appointments and shifts. The shift calendar is used to plan and manage your staff work shifts, and the appointment calendar is used to schedule and manage client appointments for your shifts.


Reports contains all the main Provet Cloud reporting options, including practice performance reports, financials, inventory management, and client feedback reports. This view is not visible to regular users by default.


Settings provides clinic managers a lot of of customisation options and access to features such as inventory management, system logs, and subscription management.

Help center

From Help center, you will information about Provet Cloud support options and links to the support knowledge base.

Top Header Bar and Main Content Area


The Provet Cloud header is always visible. It contains the search field and provides to access to your user profile, tasks, and notifications. The main content area is shown with a light background. This is the area that changes depending on where you navigate. Content text is usually shown in black while links to other pages are usually blue. You can collapse the left navigation menu to show more of the main content area.

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