Using E-signatures with Word Forms

Use case

Use e-signatures with various custom Word forms to avoid printing paper documents in order to receive the conventional signature.


1. Add a Form and Lock It

Add a form of your choice, edit it if needed, and lock the form using the white "Lock this form" button.


2. Create the E-signature Request

On the form page, select the blue "E-signature" button from the same area where the "Lock this form" button used to be. A new dialogue, which is shown below, will open for request creation.

Select whether the request should be delivered to the customer using email or an SMS message. In this article, we will use the email option.

Use the "Generate PIN code" option if you plan to use the clinic's device for receiving the signature. In this case, you don't need to use the email or SMS options at all. See more about PIN code login option from this article.

Edit the message and adjust the validity time if needed, and select "Save" to create the request.


3. Process the Request and Wait for the Customer to Sign

Processing window

A new dialogue will open, showing the request status and the option to cancel it if needed. Once the request is generated and sent to the customer, they should be able to sign it form their device. You can close the dialogue in case the customer is not signing it immediately.

Customer actions

  1. Once the customer receives the message, they can start the signature process by opening the link within the message.
  2. They will be presented with the preview of the document and the option to either "DECLINE" it or "START" the signature process. They can also change the language from the top right or clear the signature area if they need another attempt.
  3. Once they select the blue "START" button, they will be directed to the signature screen (shown below). They should write the signature into the appropriate box with either touch or a conventional computer mouse if that's in use.
  4. The last step is to select "SEND" to finalise the process. A final confirmation dialogue will appear to make sure the customer is certain about their decision. After the signature is successfully given, the customer-side actions are complete, and they can close the page. The customer also receives a PDF copy to their email.

After a successful signature

Once the signature is successfully received, the form is marked appropriately using a green message next to the form options you can see when opening it and no further actions are needed. You can also print the signed document using the blue "Print signed document" button. The customer also receives a PDF copy to their email.


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