Using E-signatures With Clinic Devices (PIN code login mode)

Use case

The electronic signature function set has a PIN code login option that is intended for the case where the clinic uses an in-house tablet computer or a phone to collect signatures from customers. The PIN code adds an additional security layer to help make sure that each customer sees only the document intended for them.


1. Enable the PIN code login option

To use the PIN code login mode, make sure that the option "Allow PIN code login" is enabled from the e-signature settings.

2. Make sure the clinic device is prepared

Prepare the signature device by opening the web address that is provided under the e-signature settings, under "PIN login URL". It is advised to bookmark the address in the device browser and also set it as a home page. This URL will always be the same, regardless of the document.


1. Request the signature using the PIN code generation

During the normal e-signature process (whether with cost estimates or forms), when requesting the signature, make sure to check the "Generate PIN code" option. This will instruct the system to generate the code which is needed for logging in from the device. In this case, sending emails or SMS messages should not be done.


2. Get the PIN code and use it with the device

After saving the request, the pending dialogue will open. In a moment, the PIN code will be generated.

Open the device and the address mentioned above, and enter the PIN code.


3. Customer actions

After the PIN code has been successfully entered, the normal e-signature process will open, and you can hand the device to the customer.

Once the customer signs, the process is complete, and you can take the device back. The customer can also optionally send a copy to themselves by email after they have signed with the device.

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