Book Appointments Using the Appointment Finder

In addition to the the appointment calendar, you can use the appointment finder to search for available appointment times and book appointments.

  1. Go to Appointments > Finder.
  2. Select the options to search for available times:
    • Veterinarian, Ward, and Team you want to find appointment availability for.
    • Start and End dates to search within.
    • Appointment Duration in minutes.
  3. From the Shown results drop-down list, select how you want the results to be shown:
    • All results: Shows all days from the selected time period, including those that have no available appointment slots.
    • Only days with free times: Shows only those days from the selected time period when there available appointment slots for any of the selected veterinarians, wards, and teams.
    • Only free times (hide all empty result rows): Shows only the available appointment slots for the selected time period, veterinarian, wards and teams. The days and veterinarians without available times are hidden.
  4. Select Search.

The available time slots are listed under Slots. If no appointment slots are available, 'No free slots found' is shown. Note that besides being fully booked, this may also mean that the selected veterinarian does not have shifts scheduled for the selected time period.

To schedule an appointment for an available time slot, select the desired time in the search results. Then complete scheduling the appointment in the same way as when starting from the appointment calendar.

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