Create a Patient Reminder Manually

  1. You can start adding a new reminder from:
    • Clients & Patients > Reminders: select New reminder.
    • A client's page > Reminders tab: select Add.
  2. Fill in the client and patient information. If you started from a specific client's page, the client, patient, email address and phone number are automatically filled in.
  3. From the Default send method drop-down list, select the method for delivering the reminder message to the client:
    • Email, SMS (text message) or both. With these options, make sure that the client's email address and/or phone number are available in the client's information and that sending email and/or SMS is enabled for the client.
    • Post: If sending email or SMS to the client is not possible, you can use this option as an internal reminder to contact the client in another way. If you want to send a reminder letter by post, note that you need to print the letter separately, for example, from a Word or PDF patient form.
    • External: Select this option if you use an integrated third-party service for sending reminders.
  4. Select a reminder template or type the reminder message.
    • If reminder templates are available, you can select a template from the Reminder template drop-down list. You can edit the default subject and message text added from the template, but note that if the template is updated, the updated template message may override all existing reminders that have been created using the template.
    • If you want to type your message manually, select the Don't use template and enter text manually checkbox, add a Subject, and type your message in the message text field. Note that client communication messages are often defined in the organisation’s policy. Check your policy with your supervisor.
  5. In the Due/expiry date field, add an expiry date for the reminder. You can type directly in the field or select the date using the calendar button at the end of the field.
  6. In the Send before field, define how many days before the expiry date you want the client to receive the reminder. Note that you cannot enter a number that will not allow for the reminder to be sent. For example, if you set tomorrow as the expiry date, the reminder cannot be sent 5 days before.
  7. If you want the reminder to be sent repeatedly, select the frequency from the Recur reminder drop-down list (for example, weekly). In the Recurring times field, add the number of times you want to resend the reminder.
  8. Select Save.

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