Merge Patients

If you have duplicate patient records in your Provet Cloud, you can merge the data from one patient to another. 

  1. Go to Clients & Patients and select the patient you want to merge with another patient. Note that the patient to be merged cannot have unfinished consultations or unpaid invoices.
  2. On the client page, select Tools > Merge patient. The Merge patient records page opens. The patient under Target patient record will receive the data from the patient under Patient record to merge in the merge. The patient under Patient record to merge will be archived.
  3. Under Select general info to keep, select which general information you want to keep. By default, the target patient information is selected. In the right-hand side panel, you can view all the data that will be merged.
  4. Select Merge in the bottom right-hand corner of the page and confirm. The merged patient record is archived, and information about the merge is saved in both patients' notes on the Communication tab.

If you need to revert the action, you can unmerge the merged patients.

See also how to avoid duplicate patients.

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