IDEXX VetConnect Plus Lab Integration Setup


IDEXX VetConnect Plus external laboratory integration allows for direct two-way communication between Provet Cloud and the IDEXX laboratory. With the integration, you can create laboratory referrals that are sent to IDEXX, and the results can be received in Provet Cloud.

This integration is a Provet Cloud add-on. Contact our sales team for more information.


IMPORTANT! In the IDEXX VC+ settings, a space must be set as the thousands separator. Otherwise, values bigger than 999 are displayed incorrectly in Provet Cloud.

To set up the IDEXX VetConnect Plus laboratory integration in Provet Cloud, complete the following steps.

1. Enable the add-on with Provet Cloud Support

Enabling external laboratory connections within settings requires additional set-up from Provet Cloud support. Please request the needed API token from Provet Cloud Support.

To see and activate external laboratories available in your country go to Settings > Integrations > External laboratories.

  1. Click the pen edit button to open the external laboratory settings
  2. Check the "External laboratories enabled" box

  3. Enter the provided API token, if not already entered by support

  4. Click "Save"
NOTE: It will take a moment for the API token to fully load. Once loaded, a list of available laboratories (based on your Department country settings) will generate.

2. Configure the settings

Use the edit pen icon located at the end of the IDEXX VetConnect Plus laboratory integration row to open the laboratory specific settings.

The text below explains each setting in more detail.


1. Margin Percentage

The integration provides not only an automatically-generated list of lab test codes, but also test pricing.  Within this field, you will define your margin percentage, in other words, the markup amount you wish to apply when invoicing clients.

2.-3. Username and Password

Enter your clinic's VetConnect Plus login username in the username field, and then password within the password field. These fields allow the integration to send information from Provet Cloud to the IDEXX external lab. Results will be received by email and then need to be manually attached/entered within Provet Cloud.

4.-5. VetConnect Plus Username and Password

Depending on your Department country, fields 4-5 may be visible for use. If the VetConnect PLUS fields are shown, you will enter the same username/password credentials as used in fields 2-3. These credentials allow the integration to receive results directly from IDEXX external laboratory to be generated into the original lab referral and then transmitted directly into the patient laboratory records as well.

NOTE: IDEXX VetConnect+ Username and Password credentials must be unique to each department (location). The IDEXX account number can be the same, however a separate set of credentials will need to be created by customer request from IDEXX if multiple departments will need integration access to the same IDEXX account.

6. Account Number

For use by Swedish clinics only. Enter your IDEXX laboratory account number here.

7. Don't Add Prices

If you would prefer to establish individual clinic defined test pricing, versus using a consistent percentage margin, check this box. The integration will return all test pricing as 0.00 and you will need to define the test pricing individually when a test is ordered.

Once all the necessary fields have been completed, press "Save", and the integration will be ready for use within consultations.

NOTE: Your setting screen may vary from the one shown below depending on your Department's country location. For example, for US clinics, two additional fields will display for use - Veterinarian discount tag & Support staff discount tag.

Discount tags


Discount tags need to be previously created from within your Department settings prior to being available for use (Settings > Department > Department Settings > Client Discount Tags).

Once defined, assign the appropriate discount tag to the desired client/staff member within their client general information to indicate to IDEXX external that testing being requested is for an employee or veterinarian's pet(s). The employee discount percentage is determined externally by IDEXX, and any employee tagged testing will then receive the associated appropriate discount.

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