View, Print and Email Patient History

To view a patient's history, find the patient in the Clients & Patients view and go to the History tab. You can also go to the History tab from the blue textbook button anywhere it is available, for example, next to the patient’s name in appointment details, on the consultation page or on the dashboard.

The client and patient records in Provet Cloud include a lot of information about patients added during consultation visits, for example, clinical notes, diagnoses, medicine information etc. In addition, external information, such as the patient's previous medical history, can be saved in Provet Cloud to complement the patient records.


You can use the filters on the History tab to select the information to view, for example, clinical notes, medicines, diagnoses etc. Some details depend on the department settings, for example, whether clinical notes saved as drafts are included in the history. 

Using the drop-down lists, you can specify the time period to view and whether to view the history chronologically or by consultations. You can also search for specific information using the free search field. If you want to include the patient's weight in the history data, select the Include weight checkbox.

To save your selected filters so that the same filters are applied the next time you view patient history, select the wrench tool button > Save filters in the top right corner above the filters. Note that saved filters are not patient-specific, but the same filters are applied for all patients on the History tab by default.

Print patient history

Select the print button in the top right corner above the filters. The patient history opens in a preview dialogue which includes options for printing or saving the history.

Send patient history by email

Select the email button in the top right corner above the filters. The email options open below the filters. By default, the Email addresses field shows the email address saved in the client information, but you can change the address or add additional addresses. If you want to update a new email address for the client, select the Update email to client's information checkbox.

The patient history is sent as an email attachment. To add an additional message to the email, you can type directly in the message field or use a template if available. You can also add additional attachments, such as invoices or receipts, if available.

Labs, Immunisation, Vitals, and Diagnoses

Laboratory, immunisation, vitals, and diagnoses data are shown on separate tabs. If the diagnostics features are used in your organisation's Provet Cloud, a tab is also available for imaging data.

The different tabs have their own filters and search options:

  • Labs tab shows the patient's laboratory tests that have not been started yet, tests in progress, completed tests, internal and external tests, and referrals or analyses.
  • Imaging tab (if available) shows the patient's planned imaging, imaging that has not been started yet, imaging in progress, and imaging that has been completed.
  • Immunisation tab show the patient's automatically and manually added, valid, and expired vaccinations. You can also add the patient's vaccination information manually using the +Add button.
  • Vitals tab shows the patient's vitals data, such as weight, temperature, and blood pressure. You can also add the patient's vitals information manually using the +Add button.

On all tabs, you can print the data, and you can also email laboratory test history.

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